This project is connected to the Sustainable Development Goals also known as Global Goals, especially 4, 10, 16 and 17

At the end of this lesson:
-You will know that minor asylum seekers come to the Netherlands too.
-You can mention several similarities and differences about the way adult and minor asylum seekers are treated.
-You will know what gender and what age most AMV’s have.
-You will know how shelter and custody for AMV’s have been arranged in the Netherlands.
-You can indicate why AMV’s have a right to education.
-You will know about the experiences of the most well-known (ex) AMV: Mauro Manuel, and you will know what happened to him.

At the end of this assignment you will know the meaning of the following terms:
*Unaccompanied Minor Foreigner
*Unaccompanied Minor Asylum seeker
*IND -Immigration and Naturalisation Department
*No fault policy
*Children's Communal Home
*Small Housing Unit
*School for Unaccompanied Minor Foreigners
*International Transitional Class

Final product
As the final product of this assignment you will make a YouTube movie together with several classmates, and upload it to YouTube. If you don’t know how to upload a movie, you can consult step 7 to see how this is done.
With this movie you will show that you have reached your teaching objectives.

The final product will be graded by your teacher.
Your teacher will grade the assignment based on the following:

- Content: Does your movie show that you can imagine what it is like to live the life of an unaccompanied minor foreigner?
- Form: Was your movie made with care and did you work together well?
- Language mistakes: Do your answers to the questions and the final assignment not contain too many language mistakes?
- Co-operation: Did you show that you have co-operated well when you were re-enacting the situation of a unaccompanied minor foreign national and when you were recording the movie?

Group size
You will work by yourself for steps 1 – 6 of this lesson. The final product (step 7) will be done in small groups.

A connection to YouTube.


For this assignment you will need two hours.
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