Children have the right to grow up in peace. Children also have the right to develop healthily, in a safe environment.
Unfortunately, millions of children grow up in circumstances of war that have a devastating influence on their development. Violence, abuse, neglect, and loss prevent them from being normal children.

They are forced to leave their safe environment with (one of) their parents or alone. Normal daily activities, such as playing or going to school are no longer possible.

Half of all refugees and displaced persons who arrive in a refugee camp are children. A refugee camp offers shelter, food, medication, but most of all safety. What is only too hard for them to leave behind are their memories of what they have experienced in the war. Amjad tells about life at home and in the refugee camp in this UNICEF video:

Please note: the film is in Dutch; click here for a transcription in English.

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Organisations funded by the UN and private organisations, such as War Child, try to let children be children again. They use music, acting and sports as weapons against fear, depression and aggression.

These are tried methods that really help!
A tried method for older children in refugee camps is to let them improve their own lives and the life of other children and young people. How? You can see that in the film below:

Please note: the film is in Dutch; click here for a transcription in English.

6) How do young people try to improve the situation in the camp?