This project is connected to the Sustainable Development Goals also known as Global Goals, especially 10 and 16

At the end of this lesson:
-You will know what many children and adults think about when they hear the word ‘foreigner’.
-You can mention several names of well-known Dutch people, who have foreign blood running through their veins.
-You can mention several advantages of the arrival of foreigners for the Netherlands.
-You can mention several types of foreigners and you will know why they have left their own country, why they have come to the Netherlands and if they can stay or not.
-You will know when people are illegal residents, and why many illegal residents do not leave the Netherlands on their own accord.

At the end of this assignment you will know the meaning of the following concepts:
*Asylum seeker
*Immigrant worker
*Illegal resident
*Undocumented person

Final product
In the final product of this assignment you will try to imagine what it is like to be an foreigner or you will think of a situation in which you felt like an foreigner yourself.

The final product will be graded by your teacher.

Your teacher will grade the assignment based on the following:
- Content: Does your creative assignment show that you have understood what the concept ‘foreigner’ means?
- Form: Was your creative assignment made with care?
- Language mistakes: Do your answers to the questions and the final assignment not contain too many language mistakes

Group size
You will do this lesson by yourself.

For this assignment you will need two hours.