This project is connected to the Sustainable Development Goals, especially goal 16 and 17

By the end of this lesson, you will:
- Know that not all migrants are treated equally
- Know that the Dutch government invites a number of refugees to resettle here every year
- Know that invited refugees do not have to go through the asylum procedure
- Know that expats and foreign millionaires do not have to take an integration course

By the end of this assignment, you will know the meaning of the following terms:
* Push and pull factors
* Invited refugees
* Resettlement
* EU Turkey deal
* Expat
* Foreign millionaire

Final product
The final product for this lesson is to have a group discussion about a topic related to this lesson. With this final assignment, you will show you have reached the learning goals.

The final product will be graded by your teacher.

Your teacher will grade the assignment based on the following:
- Content: Did you participate in the discussion?
- Form: Did you phrase your statements clearly and accurately?
- Language mistakes: Are there not too many language mistakes in your answers to the questions in steps 1 – 3?

Group size
You will work by yourself for this lesson. The creative assignment will be done in a group.

This lesson will take two hours.