volgendestapThe terms migrant and refugee are often used interchangeably in daily conversation, but this is not technically accurate!

Among the 272 million migrants in the world (3.5% of the world population), there are more than 82 million refugees. To make things more confusing, the group of refugees can be divided into over 48 million internally displaced persons and over 34 million (international) refugees.

Internationally displaced people are people who had to flee their homes, but stayed in their country. Refugees are people who leave their country in fear for their lives and are looking for protection in another country.

The overview below might clarify the situation:

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Elsewhere on this website you can find a digital series of lessons with 11 lessons about everything related to refugees and asylum seekers. This lesson specifically looks at (internally displaced people and) refugees as migrants who feel forced to emigrate for specific reasons (war, oppression, natural disasters, drought, crop failure, and hunger).

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