criteriaDesign a leaflet promoting a journey at least 1,000 kilometres from your home town that is as environmentally friendly as possible and does the least damage to the people you visit. In doing so, you incorporate a number of criteria:

  1. The travel agency employs local staff where possible.
  2. The travel agency will work with local producers and service providers wherever possible.
  3. The travel agency's activities support the local economy and/or population.
  4. The travel agency shall take measures to minimise any possible damage to the environment, wildlife and marine ecosystems.
  5. The travel agency participates in one or more local social and/or nature conservation projects, which benefit the local community and/or environment.
  6. It goes without saying that we require our local suppliers not to employ children under the age of 15.

You incorporate these criteria into an attractive, inviting travel brochure.