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This project is connected to the Sustainable Development Goals, especially 8 and 12

By the end of this lesson:
- You have seen that items you buy in a shop are made in several stages.
- You can explain why some products have to pass through several countries before you can buy them in the Netherlands.
- You can explain the role of the price of transport on the method of production.
- You can explain why labour-intensive production stages mainly take place in Asia and production stages that require little labour mainly in rich countries.

By the end of this assignment, you will know the meaning of the following terms:
* Division of labour
* Low-wage countries

Final product
As a final product of this assignment, you and a classmate draw a supply chain . This is an overview of the number of steps in which a mobile phone, pair of jeans or other article is made. For each step, indicate what materials, energy sources, labour and/or transport are needed to make that step. Also indicate where in the production chain the steps take place and for each step whether little or much labour is needed.

In the final product, you show that you have achieved the learning goals.

Your teacher will assess the supply chain.
During the assessment, your teacher will pay attention to the following
- Content: does the supply chain show that you have understood that an article is always made in several steps and what is needed at each step?
- Form: is the supply chain carefully made and well-organised?

Group size
You do steps 1 and 2 alone. Step 3 and 4 with a classmate.

You need two hours for this assignment.