Think of an action to curb the negative consequences of global shift and write an article about it for the school paper (maximum half an A4). Mention in the article which wrongdoing caused by global shift you want to fight. Call on other pupils and teachers of your school to join this action.

Here are some suggestions for possible actions, but your own idea is always better:

Find companies or organisations that promote the sale of local and/or seasonal products and explain why you think it is a good initiative;
Describe some labels of "fair" products and explain why it is good to look for such labels when buying products. (Tip: look for these labels with Google images and the search terms "labels" and "fair trade").
Describe shops offering "fair" products for sale and explain why it is good to buy from those shops in future.
Explain why it is better to eat beans from the Netherlands than beans from Egypt or another faraway country.
Find a Dutch company that now has its production done in a low-wage country. Explain why and for whom it is better for the company to have this work done in the Netherlands in the future. Call on pupils and teachers to write letters to the company urging it to take back its production.


Have your teacher assess your article.