This project is connected to the Sustainable Development Goals, especially 17

By the end of this lesson:
- You will know different views on cultural globalisation.
- You will know the concept of cultural imperialism.
- You can name some examples of American products that are exponents of American culture.
- You can describe the difference between globalisation, anti-globalisation and other-globalisation in your own words.
- You can describe what is meant by cultural enrichment and impoverishment and give an example of each.
- You know that there are two great works of film which together are responsible for more than half of all films made each year and can you name them.
- You are aware that many countries want to protect their own culture and can you give one or more examples of cultural policies.

By the end of this assignment, you will know the meaning of the following terms:
* Culture
* Cultural imperialism
* Anti-globalist
* Other globalist
* Cultural enrichment
* Cultural impoverishment
* Hollywood
* Bollywood
* Cultural policy
* Convention Diversity of Cultural Expressions

Final product
As a final product of this assignment, you will design a poster to show that not everyone is enthusiastic about globalisation.
With the design of the poster, you show that you have achieved the learning goals.

You will have your poster graded by your teacher.
In the assessment, your teacher will pay attention to
- Content: does your poster show that you can think differently about globalisation?
- Language errors: do the answers in steps 1-4 not contain too many language errors?

Group size
You do this assignment alone. Do the poster together with a classmate.

- Atlas

You need two hours for this assignment.