discriminatie lhbtThere is not a single country on Earth where LGBT+ people do not face discrimination. In the Netherlands, the government made laws against this kind of discrimination, but there are many countries where the government makes laws to discriminate against LGBT+ people.

  • It is illegal for men to be gay in 72 countries
  • The same goes for women in 45 countries
  • Being homosexual is a reason to get the death penalty in at least 8 countries
  • The government actively works against LGBT+ organisations in at least 25 countries
  • There are laws against “promoting” homosexuality in 22 countries
  • LGBT+ rights are part of the constitution in only 9 countries

     Statistics taken from ILGA (International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, and Intersex Association)

In 72 countries, it is illegal for people to be in a romantic relationship with someone of the same gender. It is difficult for LGBT+ people to get a job, a house, or proper healthcare. They can be arrested and they are at a higher risk of torture and rape in jail.

On May 17th 2017, the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, a gay couple was arrested and given 85 lashes. The men were whipped in public. There was a big crowd taking pictures and videos.

In Dahka, 28 men were arrested based on how they dressed and behaved, and because they had condoms, which made the police think they were gay. There was no sexual activity, though, so they could not be arrested for homosexuality and they were arrested for having drugs instead. 

In this Russian republic, the government started a witch hunt for gay men. Over a hundred men have been locked up and tortured in secret prisons. Dozens of men have been blackmailed by the police or by their own families. Ramzan Jadyrov, the leader of the country, says this is not true. He says there is simply no homosexuality in his republic.

3) Discrimination is against the law in the Netherlands, but it is not one of the countries that clearly put LGBT+ rights in the constitution. Do you think this should be changed? If yes, write what text you would add to the constitution. If no, explain why not.