In 2012, the United Nations officially named October 11th International Day of the Girl Child. An important day, because millions of girls in developing countries are disadvantaged, exploited, and discriminated against every day. All because they are girls.
With the hashtag #GirlsGetEqual, Plan International wants to put a spotlight on girls and young women worldwide and support them in their battle for equal rights and opportunities.

On October 11th, Plan International’s worldwide campaign puts girls in charge. All around the world, girls take over symbolically important positions. In politics, in businesses, in journalism, in sports, etc. Fields in which girls often lack opportunities, especially in developing countries. This way, they ask the world to pay attention to the fact that girls should get the chance to be in charge of their own lives and the world in which they live.

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Create your own campaign to put a spotlight on equal opportunities for girls and young women (and put it on Twitter with #GirlsGetEqual). Also see if you can put a girl on the chair of the school principle or a local organisation (#GirlsTakeOver).