Every May, FiscFree organises the yearly Bike to Work Day. FiscFree asks people not to go to work by car, but to take their bike instead and support the environment. You could ask your teachers to come to work on their bike, or ask pupils who have a moped. Of course, it would be even better to use your bike every day!

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Another easily accomplished initiative is Warm Sweater Day. Every year, people in the Netherlands reduce their energy consumption by turning down the thermostat and exchanging tips to save energy. Joining is easy: just turn down the heating, wear a warm sweater, and comfortably save 6% of your energy consumption and CO2 emissions for each degree. Ask your school to join!

Saint Joseph Technical College in Comines, Belgium combines theory and practice in the Soléole project. The pupils learn about climate change and alternative energy sources, while also building their own solar panels and wind turbine with their teachers. This also profits the school. Perhaps this might work for your school?

Translation of the title: The Technical College Saint Joseph in Comines is doing well!
Please note: the film is in Dutch; click here for a transcription in English.

Finally, we present the Energy Challenges: Smart With Energy at School. The Energy Challenges encourage secondary school pupils to set up their own sustainability campaign. Every school forms a team (pupils and teachers) of ‘Energizers’. This team leads the school and their neighbourhood in becoming more sustainable. During the campaign, the teams will go out into the world of energy, technology, and sustainability.

Translation of the title: Energy Challenges - message to the young: will you participate?
Please note: the film is in Dutch; click here for a transcription in English.

1) Design your own national day that helps to prevent climate change.