sproeischipscheeproutes"If you watch satellite footage of a boat sailing beneath the clouds, you can see the clouds are a little brighter there. This is because boats emit soot and other particles into the air, which attach themselves to water vapour. More soot means clouds get denser, which means they reflect more light,” according to Herman Russchenberg (climate researcher at the Technical University of Delft).

People can reinforce clouds. One way to do this is to spray sea salt into the air. There is permanent cloud cover off the coast of Namibia and California, which would be a good place for this. NASA and billionaire Bill Gates have been working on this idea for ten years. The plan would require about 1,000 special boats.

Professor Russchenberg still issues a warning: “These experiments influence the weather all over the world and we don’t know if the solution causes more problems than it solves.”

3) Which consequences could these experiments have on the weather?