This project is connected to the Sustainable Development Goals, especially goal 13.

By the end of this lesson, you will:
- Know what geoengineering is
- Be able to name different technological solutions for geoengineering
- Have formed your own opinion on geoengineering
- Be able to say which geoengineering techniques seem best (or least harmful) to you

By the end of this assignment, you will know the meaning of the following terms:
* Geoengineering and climate engineering
* SRM – Solar Radiation Management
* CRD – Carbon Dioxide Reduction
* Aerosol

Final product
The final product for this lesson is to write a pitch to present and explain a new technological solution. With this final assignment, you will show you have reached the learning goals.

The final product will be graded by your teacher.

Your teacher will grade the assignment based on the following:
- Content: Is your pitch clear and convincing?
- Form: Did you take care to give your text the right layout?
- Language mistakes: Does your text contain the knowledge you gained from steps 1 – 5 and are there not too many language mistakes?

Group size
You will work by yourself for this lesson. You will do the final assignment in a group of three or four.

This lesson will take two hours.